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SimSpin v2.8.1

A package for producing mock observations of simulations

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SimSpin is an R-package designed to take a simulation of a galaxy and produce a “mock” integral field spectroscopy (IFS) observation.

This software can be used to produce a synthetic data cube - i.e. spatial information in projection (xy) with spectral or kinematic information along the line-of-sight (z).

A mock data cube can be produced in three simple steps:

  1. Read in your particle data and produce the relevant spectra using the make_simspin_file function.
  2. Setup the observation by defining your telescope and observing_strategy.
  3. Build your data cube using the build_datacube.

We incorporate limitations encountered by observers so that more consistent comparisons can be made between observations and theory.

This package, once installed, is fully documented and tested.

R-CMD-check codecov ascl:1903.006

Another implementation of this code (SimSpin v1.1.3) written in Julia is also available at SimSpin.jl developed by Gerry Gralton.

The purpose of this guide is to act as a reference for users. It outlines the intended functionality and processes available in the SimSpin code. This is both a form of documentation and a collection of examples. For a basic walk-through of installing SimSpin and running a simple observation, please see the links on the left.

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